EDB009 – Dark to Medium Tangerine – Edmar Boucle


Dark to Medium Tangerine

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EdMar Threads – Boucle

100% Rayon Thread designed for Brazilian style dimensional embroidery but is suitable in many other styles of embroidery.

Boucle is an uniquely knotted thread is made with a 2 ply base with two other plies looping in and out making it a 4 ply thread.

This highly textured thread is ideal for making stitches with dimensional effects.
Although it may appear to be a difficult and unruly thread to work with, it is actually quite tame and easy to use.

These threads stocked in over 110 colour combinations in solid, blends and variegated colours and are colourfast and can even be machine washed.

Perfect for using in

• Brazilian style dimensional embroidery
• Textured pieces.
• Cross stitch, Needlework and free style embroidery
• Tassel making

Please Note – Price is per skein. There are 10 metres in a skein

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Weight 1.6 g
Dimensions 200 × 16 × 16 mm