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DMC Stranded Cotton

100% Cotton ~ Twice mercerised for that soft, lusterous sheen finish.
The threads are hand washable and the colours resists fading or running.

The 8 metre skein is made up of six individual strands.
For fine detailed work use one or two strands.
For quickly filling backgrounds use all six strands.
Split the strands of two or more colours and twist the strands together to create a new variation of colour blend.
This action can add some spectacular results to your finished project.

Perfect application for:

  • Cross stitch and Fine Tapestry work.
  • Any form of free style embroidery
  • Ideal for pictured smocked patterns in both Bishop and Square Yoke style
  • Jewellery making in the popular woven bracelets known as Friendship Bracelets.

Price quoted is per skein.

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Weight 2 g
Dimensions 220 × 20 × 20 mm