Threads by Brand Name

The Caron Collection

A beautiful selection of hand dyed cotton, silk and wool/silk mix embroidery threads

Threadworx Product Range

A stunning array of hand overdyed Stranded Floss, Perle Twist, Metallic Braid and Fancy embroidery threads

The Thread Gatherer's Silk Threads

Silk n Colors - A huge colour selection of hand dyed stranded silk embroidery threads.

Silken Pearl 15/3 & 30/3 - A non-divisible twist silk thread in two weights

SP5 (slightly finer than Perle #5 cotton thread)
SP10 (slightly heavier than the Perle #8 cotton thread)

EdMar 100% Rayon threads

are spun from only the highest quality material on dedicated spinning machines which produces an easily usable thread which resists fretting when worked.
Designed for "Brazilian" style dimensional embroidery but are suitable for many other styles of embroidery.
They are also suitable to the making of tassels.
Washable and colourfast.

Au Ver a Soie 100% Silk threads

These beautiful silk embroidery threads come in many subtle and glorious colours andhave that wonderful silk texture