Quality Hand Sewing Needles

JJ13539 - Size 3/9 Embroidery Needles - John JamesEmbroidery
These have a sharp point with a parallel body and a long eye - Designed for free style thread embroidery

JJ19884 - Size 18/24 Tapestry Needles - John JamesTapestry
These Needles have a blunt point and long eye  - Designed for canvas or cross stitch work - Range includes Gold Plated Needles for smoothness and Twin-point Needles for quicker application

JJ18882 - Size 18/22 Chenille Needles - John JamesChenille
Are similar to Tapestry needles but with a sharp point for piercing fabrics - Designed for ribbon and thread embroidery

JJ10510 - Size 10 Beading Needles - John JamesBeading
Are long, thin and flexible needles required to pass through very small beads  - Designed specifically for beading with seed and delica beads - Also Great for gemstones with extremely small holes - Shorter beading needles are available for beadwork embroidery

JJ12050 - Size 5/10 Quilting Needles - John JamesQuilting
Is a short sharp pointed needle  - Designed specifically for quilting

JJ11039 - Size 3/9 Sharps Needles - John JamesSharps
Has a super sharp point and tapered body - It is the most used needle type for dressmaking and repair

JJ10300 -Assorted Household Sewing Needles - John JamesHousehold & General Range
These are needles that are multi-purpose or have some specific task in repair  - consist of - General purpose, Leather, Easy Thread and Darning Needles

JJP13550 - Size 5/10 (Pebble) Embroidery Needles - John JamesPebble Range
This novel idea for keeping your needles safe and dry, contains needles that have the same purpose as those in the packets. - i.e. Tapestry, Beading, Embroidery etc.