Needle Uses, Information and Selection

JJ19884 - Size 18/24 Tapestry Needles - John James

These Needles have a blunt point and long eye  - Designed for canvas or cross stitch work - Range sizing from #13 to #28 (finest) includes Petites for detailed work, Gold Plated Needles for smoothness to protect the thread and the fabric and Twin-point Needles for the experienced stitcher to work quicker without having to change threads so often.

JJ13539 - Size 3/9 Embroidery Needles - John James

These have a sharp point with a parallel body and a long eye - Designed for free style thread embroidery - Sizes range from 6 (largest) to 10 (smallest) - This category also includes Millinery needles for "grub roses" and Assorted Silk Ribbon Needle packs

JJ12050 - Size 5/10 Quilting Needles - John James

Is a short sharp pointed needle  - Designed specifically for quilting

JJ10510 - Size 10 Beading Needles - John James

Are flexible, long, thin needles required to pass through very small beads - Designed specifically for beading with seed and delica beads - also great for gemstones with very small holes -
Shorter beading needles are available for beadwork embroidery

JJ18884 - Size 18/24 Chenille Needles - John James

These needles are similar to Tapestry needles but with a sharp point for piercing fabrics - Designed for ribbon and thread embroidery

JJ11015 - Size 1/5 Sharps Needles - John James

These needles have a super sharp point and tapered body -It is the most used needle for dressmaking and repair

JJ10300 -Assorted Household Sewing Needles - John James

Household Range

These are needles that are multi-purpose or have some specific task in repair - consist of - General purpose, Leather, Easy Thread and Darning Needles

JJP13550 - Size 5/10 (Pebble) Embroidery Needles - John James

Pebble Range

This novel idea for keeping your needles safe and dry, contains needles that have the same purpose as those in the packets.

i.e. Tapestry, Beading Embroidery etc.