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The Caron Collection
EdMar Threads

Threads by Brand Name

The ThreadGatherer
Au Ver a Soie D’Alger

DS7118-Purple - Delicate Stitches 7mm Silk Ribbon
Japanese Silk Ribbons – Solid Colours

100% Silk Embroidery Ribbon

Threadgatherer’s Silk Ribbon – Variegated

John James Quality Needles

100% Silk Embroidery Ribbon

JJ10300 -Assorted Household Sewing Needles - John James
Embroidery, Tapestry, Chenille, Quilting, Darning, Leather and Household etc.
JJP13550 - Size 5/10 (Pebble) Embroidery Needles - John James
Pebble Packs of Embroidery, Tapestry, Beading and Sharps etc.